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Published on April 7th, 2012 | by clazy


Fate/Zero – 14 BuhBoom


3:30 am: Ho kinda excited… my inner Type-Moon fanboy is going nuts atm but cmon, its been so unsatisfying only seeing the beginning of the Saber/Lancer/Rider vs Caster fight. Buhjeeze. Time to set an alarm.


If Saber/Lancer/Rider wasn’t enough, Tokiomi, Kotomine, and Kariya also made their move in light of the situation; Tokiomi and Kotomine take action on behalf of the church to suppress the showy Caster and his Ctlulu-summon. Kariya on the other hand takes this opportunity to confront Tokiomi on his true intents when deciding to give up Sakura to the Matou, which makes a lot of sense seeing how the mage laws work – Aozaki Touko got screwed over by her sister, for example. At least if both can learn magecraft then Tokiomi’s descendants have a higher chance at victory… in a sort of “tribal” mindset.

All I could think of during the air battle between Gil and Berserker was goddamn Kirby’s Air Ride. Dark Star with beef stats against the legendary glider? Did no one else kind of notice the resemblance? Anyway, it was nice and flashy but had really zero purpose other than showing that Berserker can turn both weapons and vehicles into his own noble phantasms. Beast. Rider better watch out!

As for Ryuunosuke’s death, it seems like he longed to see blood splashed in beautiful ways, not really the killing itself, and comes to the realization that he, like everyone else, has blood flowing in their veins. Kiritsugu promptly ended this realization with his sniper. What a badass. Anyway, sniper pro Kiritsugu deduced the situation and it seems like the team needs an anti-fortress weapon instead of anti-army weapons – something that only Saber has in her Excalibur attack (or Gil’s EA, but refused to whip it out on such an ugly monster).

Lancer did NOTHING in this fight… lol no can walk on water or fly. What a saddy.
Overall I thought it was a decently entertaining episode and I’m glad to be able to look forward to watching Fate/Zero again each week. With one master down it can only snowball from here, right? I wonder who will die next… my guess is Lancer’s new master, but you can’t really rule out Waver’s dumb antics that might get him killed.


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2 Responses to Fate/Zero – 14 BuhBoom

  1. marthaurion says:

    Berserker jumped on that jet and I was like “what’s going on?” Then I remember his ability and just went “mother of god…”

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  2. Oroboros says:

    I was rooting for the Berserker to wipe that arrogant smirk off Archer’s face, with the full knowledge that Archer was toying with him the whole time. 

    A great kick off to the second season, with an even better ending than the one that left us hanging in #13.  

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