Published on September 10th, 2013 | by clazy

Dareka no Manazashi – Short Film by Makoto Shinkai

A nice short story about a busy young woman reconnecting with her father after gradually distancing themselves. Not really a “must-watch” in regard to the regular Makoto Shinkai super high-level animation quality that we’ve all been spoiled by (goddamn Garden of Words was so deliciously pretty), but nonetheless still a nice little addition to his already amazing portfolio. It’s interesting that this was released as an advertisement for a real estate company’s new promotion theme, which is “family bonds.” Yup, that’s right; this is an ad. Meanwhile, in America we get Geico ads about humpday, which still makes me feel bad since I still laugh at that silly camel.

Anyway, if your mom or dad remotely can stand subtitles and anime at all, this is perfect for thanksgiving. I’m not going to since I know my mom would start crying, but still I think it’d be a nice, feel-good gesture of appreciation.

Also, there’s an english subbed version online somewhere.

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