Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 11


It’s been three weeks since Rikka retired the eye patch, and she’s slowly learning how to lead a normal life with some guidance from former 8th Grade Syndrome sufferers, Nibutani and Yuta. Meanwhile, Toka is just about packed up and ready to depart overseas to her new job. She takes a moment to show her gratitude to Yuta for all the support that he’s given to her sister and even steps out of her usual character for a moment to give him a heartfelt hug.

Not everyone has become a fan of the new Rikka. Dekkomori takes it especially hard, trying multiple times to bring back her old friend and master. Even Nibutani seems skeptical of the sudden change and hints her feelings of concern to Yuta.

After school, Yuta goes to help Rikka clear her room of the strange artifacts and gadgets that she has collected over the years. Later, they buy dinner from a convinience store and bring it to the underpass where they first confessed their love to each other. Rikka admits that she was asked by her mother to go to her father’s grave with her and asks Yuta was she should do. He replies half-heartedly saying that she should make the trip for her mother and herself.

The next day, Yuta follows Rikka to the train station to see her off. However, Dekkomori appears and makes one last attempt to bring back her old friend. She breaks down into tears after Rikka ignores her pleas and steps onto the train. Yuta exchanges one last look with Rikka before the train departs and is left alone to face the saddened Dekkomori. Immediately they get into a heated arguement, Dekkomori asking why he didn’t do anything to stop her from getting on the train, and Yuta replying by saying that it wouldn’t help her to face reality or her father’s death.


In a way it was kind of a dick move on Toka’s part to just up and leave. As much as I want to believe that she was naive enough to think that Rikka’s problems were solved overnight, I know that’s not true. Toka is fully aware that Rikka is not yet over the hump, but throws the burden onto Yuta anyway. The hug that she gave him wasn’t so much of a thank you as it was a ganbatte. But really, Toka wasn’t in a position where she could provide meaningful support to her sister in the first place. So in the end, I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

Yuta on the other hand now has a task of unfathomable difficulty ahead of him. He must try to balance Rikka’s happiness with his desire to see her get past the death of her father. But, I am not sure he is doing it so well. As much as he tried to play it off (multiple times to Rikka and once to Nibutani), deep down he is really struggling; trying to find the perfect answer where everyone can come out a winner. Only after some harsh criticisms from Dekkomori did he finally break down and reveal his true feelings.

It’s interesting to note that while Dekkomori and Yuta may be on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to what each thinks is best for Rikka, they are both trying to achieve the same goal. Dekkomori uses the Eternal Horizon to distract Rikka from her problems in life, while Yuta opts to guide Rikka down the path of reality. It’s obvious which choice is the better of the two, but like I said before, Yuta is dropping the ball big time.

The one thing that EVERYONE needs right now is some closure. You can’t expect anyone to change so drastically over night, and it’s a huge red flag when someone tries to play off a traumatic event as if it was no big deal. It was a poor decision on Yuta’s part to send Rika alone to face such a difficult truth. When she needed his support the most, he hesitated and possibly sealed his fate. Dekkomori said he should have told her to get off the train, I say that he should have jumped on the train with her.

A part of me feels that this series will end very badly, and of course, I really don’t want to believe that. But, at this point, I just can’t imagine anything that could happen within the span of an episode that would allow Rikka to become happy again, aside from regressing into her former, delusional self.

If anyone has any opinions contrary to mine, please feel free to share them. I want to be convinced that there will be a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.


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5 Responses to Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 11

  1. SmithCB says:

    I’ve posted elsewhere that I think the recording Tooka gave back to Yuuta will play a role somehow.  Like after the visit to the gravesite, Rikka is sitting alone in her room, when suddenly she hears the recording and rushes to the window/door to see Yuuta there.  Rushing to him with a wide grin, we see the Chuu animation again, but instead of a battle, it’s the two of them in a clinch – end of episode.  Just sayin’…

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    • exo says:

      I never thought about that recording, but I think you are right. It will definitely come into play sometime in the next episode, otherwise what was the point of showing Toka giving it back in the first place?

      Your scenario would be a dream ending for sure, but I’m still hesitant to believe that a happy ending could come so easily. Perhaps I’m just being overly pessimistic, but I know some major shit is going to go down at the graveyard. Whether Yuta plays a part in it or not is the factor that (I think) will steer the ending of the show either towards happiness, or utter calamity.

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  2. clazy says:

    I was sorely disappointed this episode seeing how all that time with en eyepatch on didn’t leave Rikka with one incredibly lazy eye.

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  3. Mikoto says:

    Yuuta’s in a pretty difficult position, I totally don’t want to be in his shoes. But if I were, i agree with you that I would have went onto the train with Rikka. As it is now, I can see how there doesn’t seem to be any clear solution in his eyes, but he’s focusing too much on the Chuu2. At the very least, that would have been a smart thing to do in order to support Rikka, and may have very well eased her onto the path of coming to terms with her fathers’ death even if it doesn’t help completely. Small steps at a time does wonders.

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    • exo says:

      Baby steps would have been the way to go for sure, but it’s too late for that plan. She needs some support right now, and no one is giving it to her. Yuuta is gonna have to pull out an amazing miracle to make things right.

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