Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 10


Rikka calls upon her partner in crime, Dekkomori and confesses that she has feelings for Yuta. Meanwhile, Yuuta speaks with Isshiki about his developing love towards Rikka. In a duo of heartfelt moments, both friends give the potential couple their blessings. With their confidence bolstered by supportive friends, Rikka and Yuta simultaneously resolve to confess their feelings towards each other.

After his conversation with Isshiki, Yuta heads over to fetch Rikka from the club room and they head home together. As they’re walking, it starts to rain and the pair decide to duck into a nearby McDonald’s to kill time until the rain dies down. An uneasy silence forms between the two as both struggle to find the words that accurately express the feelings which have been consuming their hearts for the past couple of days.

As they continue their walk, Rikka’s umbrella gets carried away by a suddent gust of wind, and the pair travel to an underpass to fetch the rogue parasol. Their they are greeted by a spectacular view of the oceanfront, and Rikka takes advantage of this opportunity to confess her love. Yuta reciprocates her feelings by revealing that he too, has fallen for her. The tension melts away and blissful joy takes its place as both seal the deal with a pinky promise of sorts.

Giddy from his encounter with Rikka, Yuta happily enters the house where he is greeted by Toka, once again in marital war with his sister. Toka brings Yuta to a nearby restaurant where she announces her move to Italy to advance her culinary career, and that her mother is moving in to watch over Rikka. She expresses her concern for their relationship and beseeches Yuta to put an end to Rikka’s fantastical charades, exclaiming that supporting her sister’s behavior is irresponsible.

Filled with conflicting emotions, Yuta half-heartedly makes it through the dress rehearsal with Rikka. After, he runs into Rikka’s mother who entrusts him with a bento to give to her daughter. Realizing the amount of care put into the lunch box, he makes a decision to confront Rikka about her eyepatch and her current way of life.

In Yuta’s discussion with Nibutani later that night, it is revealed that a huge fight broke out between the two after his comment. Nibutani reassures Yuta by saying that he did the right thing, and they lean back to watch the rest of the talent show. However, they are caught completely off-guard when Rikka walks up to the stage and begins to sing. Yuta quickly dashes over to the crowd where he finds Toka, who explains that this was their father’s favorite song.


There were a lot of great moments scattered throughout the episode, but their were a few in particular that I really enjoyed:

  • Yuta’s beatdown on Isshiki after trying to emulate Dekkomori’s “head rest on shoulder move”. Definitely .gif worthy.
  • Dekkomori finally breaking character for a brief moment to have a heart-to-heart with Rikka, and express her support for their relationship.
  • The confession itself, which I thought was very thoughtfully laid out and well-paced. The drop-in of Japanese R&B for dramatic effect didn’t hurt either. Haha.
  • Nibutani’s genuine concern for the well-being of Yuta and Rikka’s relationship, despite having no stake in it.
  • Isshiki’s epic confession which ended up an epic fail. Poor Isshiki, but I guess that’s the risk you take when you express interest in someone with narcoleptic tendencies.
  • Rikka acting completely out of character, and heading on stage to sing her father’s favorite song. But more importantly, the removal of her eye patch and the lack of her yellow eye contact is what was really surprising.

On the surface, it seems that Rikka decided to sing at the talent show in part to pay tribute to her deceased father and subsequently, bring about a form of closure to her. The dramatic removal of her eye patch and the lack of a “wicked eye” demonstrated her resolve to overcome the death of her dad, proving to Toka and more importantly, Yuta that she is capable of moving on.

But things are never so simple.

Rikka only seems to be doing it because of what Yuta said, and not of her own volition. There can be no form of closure if it is not self-mediated and thus, in the end it seems that nothing has been solved. One can even look at her performance as an act of defiance towards her sister. By honoring her father through her performance, she calls upon the memories of her past in a stubborn attempt to keep them alive. With this, she makes the statement that it’s a travesty for one to simply move on with their lives and forget about those who have died.

With no side giving any ground, some sort of compromise might have to be made between the two sisters, and people will no doubt get hurt. But in the end, it will all come down to if Yuta has the strength to fill the void left in Rikka’s heart.



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