Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 09


Rikka has been struggling with an upwelling of new emotions towards Yuuta. She at first attributes this to the summer trip and the “overseer’s interference” with her friend. In an attempt to exorcise Yuuta of his curse, she and Dekkomori lure Yuuta to a shrine and attempt to do battle with him. Predictably, their plan fails miserably, and Rikka runs away from Yuuta filled with embarassment.

Luckily the Shoujou manga expert, Nibutani immediately identifies Rikka’s behavior towards Yuuta as love and attempts to help her understand her feelings. Rikka and Nibutani devise a number of romantic situations to execute on Yuuta throughout the course of the day, but they all crash and burn with Yuuta none the wiser. But when Rikka is thrust into a dangerous situation (clinging for dear life to the side of a building), Yuuta springs into action and saves her without a hitch. Filled with relief, Rikka tearfully clutches onto Yuuta and they share a loving embrace.


It’s really only a matter of time now before Rikka begins to get a full grasp of her feelings towards Yuuta, and I am sure that he would be willing to reciprocate when that time comes. But it’s interesting to note that while Yuuta can kind of pick up on some of Rikka’s signals, he gets constantly gets thrown off by her Chuunibyou side and convinces himself that ideas of love could never spawn within that deluded brain. Luckily for the two, Nibutani is there to play the role of matchmaker and fan the fires of an otherwise hopeless romance.

On a side note, Toka is freaking hilarious. The way she snaked herself out from under the bed with that sound effect… Classic.


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