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Published on December 11th, 2011 | by clazy


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 10


The Rinjinbu go to Sena’s beach house, which is quite a ways away, but is worth it when they all get to play at the beach. Antics ensue regarding putting on sunscreen, and Sena flashes everyone, forgetting she didn’t have the top half of her bikini tied. Later at night, everyone decides to go on a test of courage and to prep everyone for the event, each person has their turn to tell ghost stories. Everyone pretty much fails at this except Yozora, who creeps everyone out with her pretty average ghost story. So much so that they call off the event and everyone tries to go to sleep. Kodaka then has to put up with everyone wanting him to accompany them to the bathroom since they’re so scared.


All things considered, this episode was pretty average. I was expecting much more out of a training camp episode, to be honest. The sunscreen part was funny, I guess, can’t really get tired seeing Yozora harassing Sena. But damn, she must have poured the entire bottle onto her back and must have been slimy as hell! I’d be pissed if I had to wash that gunk off. The rest of the episode was pretty boring. I was expecting some fun when they decided to do a test of courage, but they didn’t even go, so… yeah. I think I only laughed when Rika went into Kodaka’s room at night and he’s like ok lets go to the bathroom, and she’s like sorry, no, I’m here for the rape. Looks like the secret between Kodaka and Yozora is going to eventually leak out soon. How it’s going to happen, I have no clue. My bet is on Kodaka remembering somehow, since it doesn’t look like Yozora is ever going to tell him. I better have my Sena ending later in an OVA or something… she’s just too damn niku to pass up.

A saddened NIKU is fine too


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One Response to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 10

  1. Shizuo says:

    The sunscreen scene between Sena and Yozora, I really enjoyed it >3<

    Last pic, Why are you sad, Sena T_T

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