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Published on December 2nd, 2011 | by clazy


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 09


Yozora has everyone bring their swimsuits to the clubroom to use for the day. They decide to use Sena’s private beach to have some friendly water fun without the crowds. The next day Sena invites Kobato and Kodaka over to her house in order to meet her father, Pegasus. He hates his name. They share a meal and it gets too late for them to use the public transport system to go home so they stay over. Kobato is sort of tricked into having a bath with Sena and she runs out midway. Kodaka randomly passesby and seeing Sena running in the nude. She can’t believe this and runs outside screaming. The next day Kodaka says he can’t remember anything from last night in order to avoid Sena’s wrath. His excuse? Drinking too much wine with her dad. Smooth.


The awaited “go over to Sena’s house” has come! I did not expect Sena’s dad to be like that, lol. Pegasus. I guess butlers are automatically joke oriented now; all Stella did was crack jokes and provide comedic relief… Hayate influence, I guess. But her humming at the end was hilarious. Btw, Sena’s dad is a terrible drunkard. The Kashiwazaki family is so rich I’m not sure why they didn’t pick them in the first place and made them ride the bus instead… well, I guess Stella would’ve had to do it. Mendokusai lol.

This was one of the more enjoyable episodes for me. It was funny, had fanservice, new characters, plot development… nothing really lacking. Good thing Kobato tagged along, Sena was 100% into her otaku-moe mode. And Kodaka is such a smooth talker, he didn’t have to deal with the consequences of seeing Sena naked. What a boss. If it was anyone from the Ken Akamatsu-universe, they’d be beat up by now.

Next episode looks good as well. They go to Sena’s beach house and have the swimsuit fun they couldn’t have much of earlier. Yozora’s zebra suit is badass though.

Kyon? Oh, no wait… PONYTAIL PONY PONY (Fumoffu ep.6)



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