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Published on November 29th, 2011 | by clazy


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 08


The gang decide to go to the pool in order to cool off from the summer heat and have a practice session of experiencing company with others at the pool. This time though there was a huge summer price cut for tickets so the load of people were at the waterpark. Although Kodaka, his sister, Sena, and Yukimura were fine with the amount of people, Yozora and Rika had trouble keeping it together in the crowded bus. While the two rest and recuperate, the others went to have fun. Unfortunately because of the heavy people traffic, it wasn’t really much fun. Instead of coming to the pool, Rika and Yozora end up going home, ditching the rest of them. Without a full cast, the rest decide to call it a day as well.


Such Debby Downers! Didn’t expect the comedy to slip into serious question of Yozora’s anxiety. Rika has an excuse because she’s hikkikomori. Yozora needs to be there so she can get flustered at Kodaka and Niku’s relationship! That’s the main comic relief for me at this point of the show.

Sena was looking extra otaku this episode as she fawned over Kobato with a perverted face for most of her airtime. Which is good and all, but I’m going to need to see that Kodaka going to Sena’s house to meet her dad episode soon since it seems like they exhausted most other options when they decided to go to the pool again. Japan’s got way more to do than just the pool; they got mountains, beaches, Akihabara, and … uh, the pool. Also, Comiket.

But really though, it’s hard to have pool fun when there’s so many people… Japan’s a little ridiculous in that sense. I guess I take the wide open beaches for granted, <3 Havai'i nei. Also, why did Kobato force Kodaka into watching her change? Kinda LBS: little bit strange, if you ask me. I guess loli fan service is still fan service.
I don’t think anyone could’ve resisted the urge to pat her head.



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