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Published on November 18th, 2011 | by clazy


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 07


Rika enlightens everyone on the fact that cell phones can be used to let each other know if they will be free for club activities on any particular day. This turns into a mass exchanging of number between everyone except Sena who doesn’t own a cell phone. Yozora teases Sena profusely with a record-shattering amount of ‘niku’ while on the phone with Kodaka, which Sena is obviously jealous about. More cell phone antics occur, with Rika sending Kodaka a fake picture of Yozora’s ass; Yozora tells Kodaka to be careful with Rika, she’s a true pervert. Rika also says she’s awakened to the aspect of yuri (girl on girl) to Yozora’s dismay. Sena eventually gets a cell phone that’s the same model as Kodaka’s. She starts crying when she thought it broke after Yozora spammed her email with messages.


This was a pretty enjoyable episode; it went by really quickly for some reason, and I feel like not much happened. The cell phone jokes were pretty hilariously great though. The scene with Kodaka on the bus was so silly. Rika’s arm picture win. Cell phones sure are handy. Yozora definitely has trouble dealing with her… but I’m pretty sure she was just kidding when she said she opened up to yuri.

The beginning part with Kodaka and Yozora fawning over the technology of cell phones was so derp-y. I realize its for the sake of comedy, but I mean it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, right? The virtual reality headset 2 episodes ago seemed much more technologically advanced… amirite? Those poor warasubo.

Sena won for cuteness this episode. Kobato only lost because she only had like 1 minute of screen time. Not including the CM break cameo. That picture was a little too criminal.

The ending credits picture this week was my favorite so far, now if only the damn credits could get stripped.



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