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Published on November 11th, 2011 | by clazy


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 06


The gang decide to go to a karaoke bar. Yozora makes Sena beg in order to let her join them. Once there Yozora and Sena believe the price is way too high so they buy their own rooms to sing all they want. Kodaka, realizing that they don’t understand the concept of having a group party, end up having a 4 man room with Yukimura, Rika, and his sister. After the singing marathon, they regroup and walk home. Yozora reveals that they will continue club activities through summer. Sena, wanting to get under Yozora’s skin, invites Kodaka over to her house to meet her father without letting her know the reason.


Yozora’s so jealous. That karaoke scene where they sang the same song together seemed like such a hint to how they’re both starting to realize feelings of affection for Kodaka. I am now in full support of the Sena faction, the way she ran off yelling baka/aho after losing battles with Yozora was so win. Yozora’s name calling is top notch though. She would probably have the dirtiest mouth in prison. I really want to see the episode where he goes to her house now, but somehow I think it will end up with the entire gang tagging along to come visit, which will probably be against Sena’s wishes.

We also got to see how Yozora and Kodaka split up in the past; the age where kids didn’t have cell phones or email must have been rough. I mean, they missed each other for one day, vowing to tell each other something important, only to mess up everything. I guess I can see why Yozora is so pissed off, she just got ditched at the altar. She was probably going to reveal her femininity. Kawaiisou, he’s Sena’s now! jk.

She’s such a hoezora


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