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Published on May 31st, 2013 | by clazy


As Expected, My Teenage Love Comedy is a Mess – 09


YESS Hikki X Yui date episode! What could go wrong? Oh, just Hikki being the same anti-relationship solobro that he always is, haha. At least it’s better than summer camp taking care of middle schoolers (we never did find out if that one girl ever fit in, huh). Also, lmao @ his realization of summer ending. Also, his sister wingman’d so hard for him, holy shit. Where’s my sister setting up hawt dates for me? FML

Anyway, this was a pretty interesting episode regarding the newfound tension revolving around the fact that Yukino actually was inside the car when Hikki got run over, and Yukino couldn’t/didn’t tell them about it :/ (and Haruno is the one who actually confirms that fact). Hikki also has a pretty interesting internal monologue at the end how Yukino’s minor lie/inability to tell them about the incident ruins his mental image of her, someone who is absolutely perfect, and he ends up hating himself for assuming her perfection when she’s just a normal girl like everyone else. He even goes so far as to get down on himself for being wrong about her too, which is pretty childish but really believable since many highschoolers have that phase where they think they are always right.

As for the most important part of the show: FUCK YEAH Yui in summer yukata. Ball so hard.


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