As Expected, My Teenage Love Comedy is a Mess – 12


Well, I’m guessing next episode will be a silly athletics festival comedy episode since there was a pretty touching concluding scene between Hacchi and Yukino in their club room; at least Yukinon was nice enough to acknowledge their friendship now, as opposed to when they first met. Not sure what else could possibly happen in just a single episode since 13 is the last one (OH FUCK NVM RAINS OF CASTAMERE, LOL) and it’s not Game of Thrones. Plus its the last episode and frankly I highly doubt a second season is happening ever, probably an OVA though. I’m still curious what kind of stigma Yukino has toward her sister: yes, Haruno is amazing and is a proper role model, but what exactly made her stray from that path besides Yukino realizing that she has her own life to live? Also what about Yukino almost killing Hachiman in her limo… everyone’s just gonna forget about it and move on? Also I’d like to see Yui press Hacchi more about their relationship, but that’s not happening lol. I dunno how I feel about this ending though, it was nice and had a good feel to it with Yui pleasantly waiting for them to finish their work, but it doesn’t have that big finish I was hoping for out of this show; Hacchi stays a super negative brochill to the very end but opens up to others a bit and finds friendship in Yui, Yukino, Totsuka, and others.

Other notes:
– Haruno is fucking amazing. Hawt, sly, conducts stage band, and plays drums. Fuck, man…
– Sensei and 8man’s touching scene together was great as well; she really cares for his well being
– Yukino’s character design was really well animated this episode, amazing facial expressions


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