About Us

Absolute Territory or 絶対領域 (Zettai Ryouiki) was founded in 2007 by exo and clazy.

What is Absolute Territory?
AT is a zone of female body between knee-high socks and a short skirt that is thought to be the most dangerous and untouchable zone of a female. The term originated from Akihabara in Japan.

What does Absolute Territory blog?
We strive to provide quality commentary and discussion on current anime series, Japanese music, manga, videos, current events and games along with anything else we find interesting. For a detailed list of the anime that we may or are blogging, check the blog schedule here.

Our Active Contributors

Please do not directly link to any of the images found on this blog.
Absolute Territory does not claim any rights/ownership to the intellectual property found on this website. We will gladly comply with any requests for removal. Our staff can be contacted here.

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